“How did he Propose to you?”

The ultimate question that many would ask upon hearing an engagement of a friend would be “How did he propose?!”

So, What is your story? What are the stories you heard thus far?

Are you in love with technology? Gaming? Or anything Geek-y? Here are some of the proposal stories 2.0 that are done with much hacking and some creativity.

1) Are you in love with Apple? Well this guy created an iProposal.

2) I love Pearls Perl..
Colin McMillen posted a Perl script on Perl Monks that when the script is executed, it will print, “kristen, will you marry me?”. The whole code is in a form of a heart shape. Kristen Stubbs, his special lovely one, replied with “$propose++; Yes :)”.

Perl - Wedding Proposal

3) Pink-jeweled!
Oh yes! She loves the game Bejeweled.
To Bernie Peng, he feels that it is a totally cool idea to have a bejeweled game marriage proposal for his girlfriend of 3 years. Peng spent 1 month recreating the game on Nintendo DS, setting a relative easy score level that will trigger a digital pink sapphire ring to cue Peng for the moment! Read the story here!

4) Tweet Tweet!!

So we all love to tweet. How about a tweet proposal?
This might be the first ever twitter proposal in the micro-blogging space.

Twitter Proposal

So how did it go?



With a big “Umm..” and “I guess..”, she replied…

Twitter Proposal Reply

Yes! 2.0!!

5) There are too much data to say I love you!
So this is what Drake Martinet did for his love, Stacy Green, Mashable’s VP of Marketing and Communications.

His Concise Declaration.

Infograph Proposal Idea


Happy Weekends Everyone!!



Lots of Love,
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