HYM on Straits Times RazorTV!

HYM is on national media! Last month, we were much honored to be invited for an interview with Straits Times’ RazorTV, an online platform broadcasting hyper-local news and lifestyle content that is young, hip and new-edge.

The RazorTV team found the concept of HelpYouMarry to be very refreshing and interesting compared to the usual “Let’s go apply for a HDB flat” marriage proposal norms in Singapore, which has made quite a fair bit of brides disappointed. They came up with a 3-part series showcasing the marriage proposal phenomenon in Singapore and how HelpYouMarry looks set to change all these.

We were interviewed on many different aspects of HelpYouMarry, including our ‘ingredients’ for a great marriage proposal: Sincerity, Surprise, Symbolic and Memorable (fondly named 3S & 1M). We are glad that we had the chance to spread our cause to the masses and extend our help to more couples!

We are also very, very elated to have the value of HelpYouMarry affirmed by the public. The ladies interviewed all supported the idea of their boyfriends engaging HelpYouMarry’s services, as long as they actively participated in the whole process. That is actually our philosophy too: We don’t work FOR you, but work WITH you. So guys, if you are worried about this, this is your best assurance!

Watch the interview here!

Proposal Buddy at your service (Proposal Buddy Part 2)

Our lovely Jen and Khim were also interviewed on their experiences. We want to give our greatest thanks to them, for taking time off their busy schedules to film the video. It is very heartening that through the marriage proposal we have become great friends with the couple. Want to get an idea of how HelpYouMarry worked behind the scenes to help Jen propose to Khim in the manner that he had always wanted?

Don’t miss Part 3 of the series!

$2,300 for a marriage proposal (Proposal Buddy Pt 3)

Lots of Love,

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