Singapore’s First Ever Love Train Proposal – Luke and Angelene

Luke Collage merged

Date: 14th Feb 2013
Location: Asiaroom’s Love Train North East Line (Singapore MRT)

Luke has always wanted to propose marriage to his girlfriend of 12 years, Angelene. Over the years, he had many different ideas of how he wanted to propose to her. An idea even included the use of an F1 track! All the efforts were made to give the best proposal that he could muster to Angelene, to show how much he cared and how sincere he was. Many liaisons were made with many different parties, but none bore fruit.

Until 14th Feb, 2013. Valentine’s Day.

Luke came into contact with us last year with wanting to create a memorable proposal for Angelene. When we suggested to him about having a Love Train proposal, he is sold. MRT is a form of transport they take often, and with many sweet moments they had on their journey home, indeed a perfect platform for his proposal. Luke thought of many ideas before, but what struck him most was a particular proposal where random strangers passed the lady stalks of flowers. He would like to leave her lady puzzled. However, he knew this was not enough and we could help him.

To us, symbolism is one of the most important factors in a proposal. It signifies the couple, their journey, and their love. Thus, what’s not to present her representative symbols of their 12 years of relationship? Together with Luke, we conceptualized the idea of pink and white balloons, each to be passed to Angelene by individual “random” strangers. These were not just simple balloons. But balloons each tied to a Polaroid, showing significant items and locations of their journey together. And at the 12th balloon, Luke took out his iPad with his heartfelt words. On bended knees, he confessed his love to Angelene. She couldn’t help the tears of joy that followed. With a ‘YES’, the happily engaged couple was cheered on by everybody on the train.

It was indeed a memorable one for Luke and Angelene.

Lots of Love,

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