Proposal: Arun & Anna’s garden walk proposal

Arun and Anna loved taking walks in the botanic gardens every evening. To Arun, it was the perfect place to propose to her. Imagine a usual walk after a nice dinner which she suspected nothing, and there comes a lighted pathway leading to a beautifully decorated bench with symbolic items from their relationship, and her favourite song playing in the background.

“Who was this for? Could it be me?”

As Arun led her to the bench, she saw a soft toy monkey sitting on the bench too. It reminded her of how a rogue monkey invaded her hotel room back on a trip with Arun when they were just friends. It led her to seek refuge in his hotel room numbered 69, when things started from there…

As Arun went on a bended knee, she couldn’t help but smile and went “Oh. My. God.”

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