Proposal at beautiful Gardens by the Bay – Joel & Joyce

To us, the movie ‘Up’ was a very sweet love story; a journey of adventure and self-discovery. That to us is also what Joel and Joyce’s love journey is about. They first met at a magic show, when Joyce was in Singapore for a holiday. Joel cheekily invited her to take part in one of his magic tricks where Joyce was an unknowing part of the audience. He already knew beforehand who she was from a common friend and decided to introduce himself that way.

The connection was instantaneous and deep. Even though Joyce lived over 10,000 miles away in Texas, U.S., that didn’t stop their long-distance romance from blossoming. After countless Skype calls straddling between night and day, and numerous flights to and fro by the both of them, Joel decided that it was time. While Joyce was holiday in Singapore again and touring Gardens by the Bay, Joel teamed up with us to realise this ‘Up’ themed proposal just for her!

P.S. Joel has since moved to Texas! We are very happy for them both of them!


10258160_643624925727025_6621239975969321461_o 1540505_643625185726999_1432754528248683809_o 10403743_643625105727007_1743968154669198653_o 10258410_643625452393639_4133391758320598707_o 10397255_643625725726945_6834368302001644390_o 1401814_643625929060258_4358580033846656198_o 1015472_643626105726907_8142710373409160658_o 10265464_643626975726820_5713246986197562858_o 10295397_643626225726895_2993867716283116239_o 10348674_643626179060233_2156202492259696702_o 10397057_643627345726783_1833240390801212476_o

Lots of Love,
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