Proposal: Siong Yong & Angeline’s movie-theme proposal

We are all stars of our own movies, our lives. As the Chinese saying goes, “人生如戏, 戏如人生”. Siong Yong wanted Angeline to feel like the only Star. Complete with their very own movie posters lining the hallway of the cinema!

That was exactly what Siong Yong and HYM created. Siong Yong prepared a heartfelt ‘movie’ showing the great times they had together, ending with the BIG question. On the actual day, Angeline turned up for what was a ‘normal dinner date’, only to be invited into a private cinema by an usher (our Proposal Architect herself under disguise!)

On the way in, she saw many specially-designed movie posters of them, complete with critics review, captions, production crew credits and awards! Talk about being surprised. A lush armchair was prepared for her, complete with numerous candy jars and popcorn snacks. As the lights ceased and the giant screen started rolling, our male lead sneaked to the entrance of the cinema with a big smile, waiting for the perfect time to make his entrance…

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